Tianna Dena Jones Received an Honorary Doctorate

Tianna Dena Jones Received an Honorary Doctorate

Posted on June 22nd, 2022

Tianna DeNA Jones also known as Cali Fae has done an outstanding job showing 98 people with over 200 countries coming to support Sustainable Development Goals. This woman has used her All Lives Do Exist platform to create value with bringing people together to not just define issues but find solutions for the Global Impacted issues. Showing the value in Global Peace using technology and media shows great news. Jones has shared her skills and tactics of her Global Peace movement called All Lives Do Exist and Women’s Lives Do Exist showing equality for all life existence. We are happy to complete this opportunity for all people to know that their are strong institutions such as Caligirlbooks LLC spreading awareness, to humanity to create economic development.

Tianna DeNA Jones is also proving the Existence of God using technology and media with Global Peace of Math and Physics showing great change for women worldwide.

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