Tianna DeNA Jones "Cali Fae" Launches 4 New Books & Hosted a PRIVATE MOVIE PREMIER RED CARPET "THE UNITED STATES WINS"

Tianna DeNA Jones "Cali Fae" Launches 4 New Books & Hosted a PRIVATE MOVIE PREMIER RED CARPET "THE UNITED STATES WINS"


To give value with intention of building our economics creates a win for the United States proven to be the strongest country in the world”

— Tianna DeNA Jones

OAKLAND COUNTY, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES , December 16, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Triumph of victorious success we celebrate Tianna DeNA Jones, who also goes by the name Cali Fae in her latest contributions Nationwide bringing highlights for the State of Michigan in Oakland County and the State of Texas in Hays County. This woman is all over the place from using her gifts to write her latest book releases called, “Mental Health Healing Fountain of Youth", "Gastro Gourmet Everyday" and "My Heart Feels God Poetic Version of Trust Volume 1." While releasing these books in the month of October this young woman also followed up by having a phenomenal movie

premier at the Oakland County Emagine Theater in Royal Oak Michigan on November 5th, 2022. While she shares her compelling film called, "Through the Eyes of God and Humanity" a documentary feature film with celebrities John Blyth Barrymore and Rap Artist KXNG CROOKED, as they open conversations on SPEAKING SECRETS of ELITE INDUSTRIES to UNITE THE ECONOMY FOR PEACE. The film has other occupational cast members who carry EXPERIENCES of LEARNING LIFE LESSONS for the BETTER OUTCOME leaving a message for the YOUTH of Propelling Knowledge.

Wow, an Inspirational film that shares unique diversity in culture, ethnicities, and wellness of light mass versus dark matter shows truly from the start of the cast’s intentions in their emotions to the breakdown of questions being asked by Jones. It’s remarkable to see each one’s awareness with emotional answers connecting to leaving them in a more positive peaceful wholesome mood of exchange with peace at the end of the interviews. We enjoyed seeing the FIRST-EVER documentary film that was done over "Zoom” known as a Virtual Platform of technology used during a traumatic time in a worldwide crisis. The information is better than the technical quality but woah watching the silence in the movie premiere at the end of the film had everyone stunned as they didn't rush out to leave but stayed intrigued wanting to learn more from the credits.

Tianna DeNA Jones has proven that the generation of the 90s has a way of adapting to their situations to use technology to express themselves from social media. We can see clearly that Jones expresses herself by giving her platforms as a tool to better society which is known to be in a critical condition needing more healing and mental health issues for prevention.

Jones has also proven her success by intertwining her Global Peace movements with the mission behind this film of proving that All Lives Do Exist and Women's Lives Do Exist with God’s Existence. Jones carried the weight to present her cast who came to the event with plaques, and medals to show gratitude as NONE of the CAST was staged or paid to do the documentary during the lockdown of the Covid-19 Pandemic. As a BONUS Jones shares her kindness presenting Global Peace Brand Ambassadors who came to the movie premier red-carpet event in Oakland County, Michigan with Globe Trophies.

The after party was fabulous as it was held at the Royal Oak Michigan ImaginATE restaurant known as a HOTSPOT FOR LIVE JAZZ MUSIC and Elegant meals of creative plating in Motown.

This young woman of 32 years of age is on a mission to create publishing projects that give people the power of building economic value. This is just the start of us seeing Tianna DeNA Jones as we also know as Cali Fae to the BRIDGE of being the next NATIONWIDE to GLOBAL IMPACTOR.

Stay tuned to her Global Anthology Book That comes out Christmas of 2022 called, "Women's Peace Purpose", and in January of 2023 her new book called, "Woke All Advanced Technology" and "Diary of Tianna DeNA Jones" will be released along with her APP Development that is offering services to humanity!!

A quote from Tianna DeNA Jones- "To give value with intention of building our economics creates a win for the United States proven to be the strongest country in the world from our respect for freedom of speech through belief in protecting all citizens as All Lives Do Exist and Women’s Lives Do Exist for unlocking the power needs of economic developments to increasing productions."


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