Tianna DenA Jones: An Inspirational Role Model

Tianna DenA Jones: An Inspirational Role Model

Posted on December 1st, 2022

Young women need female role models to inspire success. Some highly talented women have proven themselves to be the best female role models. Tianna DeNA Jones, a multitalented woman, is one of the women who have proven themselves as female role models. Female role models should be called “true nation builders.”

Jones’s life story is highly motivational. She was born in Renton, Washington, and grew up in Texas until she was nine years old. Once her father was released from prison, she moved back to the Bay Area to be reunited with her family. Jones attended Gilroy High School as well as Westmont High School in Silicon Valley. After 9 years of work, Jones has released her autobiography. Jones, seeking a vision of truth, worked in a variety of professions while pursuing her dream of becoming a writer. These positions are listed inside the storyline as part of a hard-working woman’s struggle to survive, titled “Cali Girl, how did you make it in the treacherous streets of Detroit?” Ever since Jones was young, she had an affinity for music, even competing in her first rap battle in the 6th grade. With a close family member affiliated with the entertainment industry, Jones always had a pen and paper in hand and always kept creating. Jones’ first music video, “I’m’a show you what the hustle did,” in which she sings and directs, exemplifies her self-made talent and skills. She created her whole music video concept, secured funding for the project, and she even stage managed her own video. Jones stayed determined to succeed in her production by spreading positive light and keeping her faith in God.

Jones’s first autobiography shows that there are good people with good or bad intentions, and there are bad people with good or bad intentions. Jones said, “I ask people every day, which type of person do you want to be?” Jones enjoys outdoor hobbies such as snow skiing, hiking, camping, and fishing. When she is keeping it mellow, she enjoys listening to music, cooking up new recipes, and reading poetry. As Jones founded her new Global Peace movement called “All Lives Do Exist” and “Women’s Lives Do Exist” in 2019 in Texas, United States of America, in March of the year 2020, Jones opened her publishing company, Caligirlbooks LLC. This was done to assist others in maintaining complete integrity in their publications. In 2021, Jones graduated from the American Academy online, breaking a world record within 13 days and finishing online with two credits left to achieve this accomplishment successfully. In the year 2021, Jones enrolled at the University of Phoenix with a 2.7 GPA to pursue her Bachelors of Science Applied in Psychology with a concentration in Technology and Media. In 2021, Jones filmed her new movie documentary called “Through the Eyes of God and Humanity” using technology and marketed it through technology-mediated social networking platforms. The upcoming movie unites the world for global peace by raising awareness that people can overcome life’s circumstances with faith and hope. The movie documentary comes out in the year 2023.

Jones likes to enjoy her life by trying new things, including ethnic foods. She enjoys traveling, spending time in nature, and connecting with God. Miss Jones spends time with friends and family, putting her positive energy into the ones she loves. She enjoys living and feels as if she has finally stopped surviving. Jones practices this every day on her journey, keeping her faith in God and spreading positive energy wherever she goes.

Due to her outstanding achievements, Tianna has become a great role model for young women around the world. Her motivational quotes serve as a source of inspiration for young people who want to pursue their careers as entrepreneurs. “My message to young female entrepreneurs is to stick to their creative ideas and work to copywrite, trademake, and sell everything they do,” she always says. 

Due to her outstanding personal and professional accomplishments, Tianna DeNA Jones has become an inspirational role model for young women around the world. 

Source: Voice of Canada

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