Gastro Gourmet Everyday

Gastro Gourmet Everyday

Sensitive energy awakens the mind. Now, you can do this by eating healthier. This time in evolution is very important to have fresh veggies, less fats, salts, and sugar consumption. No more fast foods, and no heavy meats with portioned out meals to help your body recover fast.

I am not a doctor, just a nutrition health coach and mental health aide. Only eat light until you build your stomach lining back up with stronger immunity to stomach heavy gourmet meals! If you have gastro issues, pay attention to your environment, body, and thought process because this will be an amazing journey as we jump into a high awareness. Using this cookbook, to develop sustainable health and well-being for your guide in life will help you live longer.

My name is Tianna DeNA Jones. I was in the change of life choices when I started to realize I had to work on my mindset, diet, and choice for eating healthier or I was going to die. I was diagnosed with gastroparesis, a type of stomach diseases and type 2 diabetes when I was in my 20s, after giving birth to my child. My entire life I had found pleasure in finding a way to love myself by every time I was able to eat, it helped me feel better in my emotions. I did this for many years as the older I got. I went through a process of having to start my life completely over to save my life by changing my diet. I had a purpose to live for and that was my child to do better by helping individuals revert their thoughts and health. This process is not going to be easy, and the process will be very difficult with the awareness, but this is the time to grasp hold of all circumstances taking back your control to be great using the awareness. In this start, we will first start of slow reverting your health to awareness and consumption. After that step, we will dive into your thoughts of favorite foods, compatible foods, and foods that are affecting your body negatively. Now, we will analyze your health with a survey for awareness and a survey for consumptions. After, we step into a general understanding for your body and allergies, we will take the step into prepping your meals together so that you are not in fear to eat, starving yourself or living off liquids or soups and or breads. Through this cookbook, we will be offering options for an additional course, that will be available online to enhance your recovery to the fullest and get you to the most sustainable health. Each food option here will still give you nutrition and the protein you need to feed your spirit. Continue the path of having a positive mindset and attitude to grow your stomach lining for living healthy. Showing the impact of healing can be a miracle, but also, an awareness of each person’s mindset of accountability using knowledge.

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  • Publisher: Independently published (October 17, 2022)
  • Language: English
  • Hardcover: 149 pages
  • ISBN-13: 979-8358684041
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